Friday, November 10, 2006

As I'm sitting here freezing in my new office cubicle, I'm thinking back fondly to last night's meeting with my university friends, Scott and Mike.

I actually had DRINKS with BUDDIES and ate WINGS!
I feel cooler already.

Strange thing, though. Scott has a wife and a home, pets and a baby. Mike has a very significant other with whom he owns a cute house and they live there with her child and were seriously considering having another together.

They both are relatively happy. Even Mike, who is not known for being happy. Ever.

I'll tell ya, if you'd asked me back when we were in university, I would not have guessed that they would be in those lives and I would be in mine. OK, yes, I own a house. And YES, I live with my boyfriend. But marriage and babies and even pets are so far away from where we are right now.

I really do want that life.

Most of my friends already have that life, or are heading quickly for it (not everyone, I know). But even Anita has gotten engaged and owns a house in Brampton now.

I look at pictures of Max, Scott and Kat's baby and I get this pull in my stomach.

I know that obviously it's not the right time yet for me. But I'm impatient.

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Anonymous said...

Cath: It was awesome eating wings and talking with you on Thursday. And thanks for the good reference - I got the job!