Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So the vote went down last night - I voted, of course. I even stayed late at work to finish my research on my ward's candidates.

I am disappointed to find that Case Ootes won again in my ward.

I didn't vote for him after reading this article about how Case is against bikes.

I can't in good conscience, vote for someone who's so ridiculously short-sited, elitist and anti-environment. I can't believe he won after pulling that crap, trying to take out a bike lane. Diane Alexopolous was so close, I thought she'd won. I'm really sad that she lost by 20 votes. I feel like I should have done more.

I guess this goes to show me that I should have done some research earlier and talked about the issue so as to sway some other voters in her direction (or at least away from Crusty Case). We need a re-vote.

As a happy sidebar, I found another Canadian magazine that I like: Spacing. They're an interesting media outlet. I especially liked their coverage of the election and associated issues.

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