Monday, November 27, 2006

The gutters are done!

I have a migraine, so I stayed home today. It just so happened that it was also the day that the gutter guy came. So I could explain what I wanted and get his opinion about attic ventilation. And I got to talk to my handy neighbour about our insulation and attic ventilation project that I'm going to start this weekend.

This sick day turned out to be a somewhat productive day.

At least I have some next steps for my attic ventilation dilemma. It will probably wait until the spring.

AND I got to talk to my brother-in-law and found out he works for a company that sells some supplies that I need for my attic insulation project and he's bringing me the stuff on Saturday!

I even managed to do a lot of stuff remotely for work.

And, moving slowly, washed a huge pile of dishes, took out my annuals and replaced them with the mums from Matt's wedding, because it was such a mild day and I needed air anyway.

You know, sometimes, I swear that if you just don't fight life (and that means being sick when you're sick), good things will happen.

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