Friday, March 18, 2005

Wow, is this some kind of record?
When's the last time I went about a week without posting when I wasn't travelling in the outback?


I must be in love. What? Who said that?
I admit NOTHING.

Actually, it's been a crazy week. Working, choir practice, dealing with moving issues, drinks out, appointments for my broken back and wrists... well, I'm just saying it all takes time. I'm not asking for any sympathy.

I've been trying balance my workload at work vs my workload in my so-called "free time".

This is the first time I've sat down at my computer all week!
And I might add that I'm sitting down thinking of all the things I have to do and actually feeling STRESSED! AT MY OWN COMPUTER!?

At least there's no one home, so it's quite and I can freak out in peace. Who needs THIS on a Friday night?

I went to my chiropractor appointment (I LOVE my chirpractor, I admit it - perhaps he should be on my boyfriends page?) and he was swearing away about how f'd up my hips are and said my biggest problem stress. I pointed to my nails, bitten down to the quick, hurting and bleeding.

Stress? What stress?

But I'm trying. Trying to take the work stuff less personally. Trying to stop letting hormones wreak havoc. Trying to focus on the good - the new apartment in April! The ski vacation with my family on April 1st! The trip to the Netherlands in spring! Raye's bday party this weekend! How I'm going to decorate my gorgeous new apartment! The yummy spagetti I'm eating!

You see, there's a lot to be excited about.

So that craving for chocolate? That can just SHUT UP!
There's no chocolate in this house, anyway.

And those butterflies in my stomach? Breathe them out.
The knot in my neck, shoulders, back... I'm thinking that nice hot bath later tonight will take care of it.

And the obssessive thoughts? Um. Well, there MIGHT just be a wee smidge of hot chocolate stashed somewhere back there in the recesses of my cupboard...

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