Thursday, March 10, 2005

Well, at least I'm not the only one who has problems with the roommates not putting my stuff back in the frige. I discovered a blog today "Things I hate about my flatmate" that made me giggle. I, too, had to put a note on the Brita saying "If you use my Brita, please refill and place back in the fridge."

Sounds bitchy? But I said thanks!
But I was always coming home to my empty Brita, lying forlornly on the kitchen counter BESIDE the fridge. Kinda thoughtless, dontcha think?

Well, now I know I'm not that bad off.
At least they put their own milk in the fridge.

Although they never take the garbage out. Seriously, they MIGHT have done it once. I tried leaving it to see if they'd actually do something about it. No such luck. It was falling onto the floor and smelling of rotting garbage when I finally took it the 5-second walk down the hall to the garbage shute where we have to pass by EVERY SINGLE DAY on our way out of the apartment.

It's OK if they read this. Maybe then they'll take the garbage out.

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