Friday, March 11, 2005

It's difficult to take a day off work.
Staying home today, I probably did almost a full-day's work.

Although, unlike work, I was able to make myself Pillsbury crescent rolls for breakfast and scrumptious spaghetti with meat sauce and whole wheat noodles for lunch/dinner to try to make myself feel better. From what I can taste, i am a good cook! Kendra would be proud: lots of garlic!

Also unlike work, I was able to get home at a reasonable time, so I can finally work on Anita's website.

And thanks to the Robaxicet/Robaxisal-type drugs I've always scoffed at, I can sit without wanting to cry.

NO THANKS to stupid JetsGo going bankrupt, I've also had to deal with getting new flights for me and my mom to Calgary for April 1st. And WestJet makes this big press release about how they're going to really BE there for the POOR JetsGo passengers -- and then they turn around and RAISE their prices! I paid double the price! I'm paying almost the same to go to Calgary for a week as I am to go to the Netherlands for 2 weeks!

Oi, do I hate the stupid airlines.
I am totally sending them mean thoughts for making my sick day even worse!

And now I'm going for a soak in the tub, thanks to inspiration from Raye, who is also sick :(

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could send you chicken soup!
The heck with Jetsgo...they said on the news that those who paid by credit card will be OK as the card company just voids the payment . I hope that is true. So the West Jet people were there for us, in terms of 'there' to take our money...BUT it doesn't matter
"When you watch your life flash before your eyes, you better hope there are good things to see"
So who cares how much it cost! It will bring us a lot of good things to remember!! Priceless