Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oh my gosh, I make a mean Lamb Stew!

It's snowing outside; slushy and gross. What do you want? Comfort food!

So what do I whip up? Lamb and barley stew with apricots and raisins. HEAVEN! It's the first time I've made this stew in, like, 2 years. My memory didn't do it justice! Of course, it helps that I'm in love with lamb.

In other news, I am actually home in time to cook myself a regular meal. This is very exciting news. And I had a very good lunch with the prez of the company and it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You know, it's great when aspects of your job excite you. But it doesn't matter how promising it seems - if you're spending most of your life there, you feel like you're ruining your life. I'm a much happier, productive person when I have some perspective on work. And that's what I get when I go home at a normal time and do things for ME.

Like cook yummy stews.


Raye said...

Lamb Stew! I LOVE Lamb Stew. Actually, I love lamb everything - which is what made NZ such a great place. Ahhhh, good memories.

CityRat said...

What? Light at the end of the tunnel? I think you should spill that one to keep some of the rest of us from hurtling ourselves off a cliff.