Saturday, March 12, 2005

Is there anything better on a Saturday morning than homemade bread, fresh out of the over (erm, breadmaker) drenched in butter?

OK, let's not mention that steaming cup of rich strong coffee from, let's say, The Coffee Roaster in Sydney.

I really miss that lovely crema atop the first flat white of the day. I haven't found a single place in Toronto that comes close. All the best coffee shops were in Australia. Adelaide and Perth were my favourites, actually.

Does anyone know of a truly great cup of coffee in Toronto?

I've tried JetFuel, but it's totally overrated. There's supposed to be someplace in Kensington Market, but I've yet to find/try it. Maybe I should make that my quest today.

You know, when I was travelling, somedays that WAS my quest: find the best coffee in the city. Sometimes I succeeded. And somedays I had to settle for Gloria Jeans or, worse, Charbucks.

Actually, I think Charbucks might be better in North America. Maybe it's because I've been drinking the Chantico lately... oh my GOD, have you TRIED the stuff? Melted chocolate in a cup! SINFUL! But it can be a challenge to finish a whole one by yourself, even given the mini-cup they serve it in. It's that rich.

Anyone tried any of the following and wanna comment:
Fresh Start Coffee Co (Bay/Elm)
Merchants of Green Coffee (sold at Matilda St. and Yummy Baguette on Queen)

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