Thursday, March 10, 2005

My body has decided it's not going to take it anymore.

It attacked me with a cold, complete with drippy nose, sore throat, draggy body feeling - take THAT! Not content with that, it decided I might need a migraine to remind me what REAL pain is. HA! That'll show me! And finally, let's top it off with some good old fashioned back spasms. Great, now she can't bend, take big steps, or sit down or even sleep comfortably! Who needs sleep anyway?

Well, what did I expect, stressing it out all the time? Poor body! It's been getting ready for the big wave to hit, adrenalizing itself so it's ready to run for the hills. And I've faked it out once too many times. It knows that the so-called-emergency situation is a more permanent situation that I'd been leading it to believe. And it's saying "screw you, buddy."

And so it did.

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