Sunday, November 09, 2003

Worked a lovely wedding on Friday night. But was very, very tired by 12:30 when I finally got to go home.

Was very, very happy to get home and relax with my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before bed.

Saturday I went to yoga and grocery shopping with Scott. We attempted to steal the cart to get our grocerieis home, but the wheels locked up so we were spared becoming criminals and took a taxi home instead.

I made a lovely salmon and rice pilaf dinner before we went out to the Fiddlers pub meet my Irish friends who were in town for the rugby.

Scott and I danced like idiots... mostly scott, though. He again invited everyone home with us... why does he always do that? It makes people all suspicious of our intentions.

But it was very tame as I served some munchies and then promptly fell asleep on the couch (AKA: my bed).

Sunday we went to the Victoria Markets to buy all our veggies for the week. I also FINALLY got around to buying a purse! My purse has been broken since I was staying in Nerang on the Gold Coast.

I'm sure I paid too much for the purse, considering that I'm a traveller, but I did get a bargain. Sadly, it's turned out to be a little small, but maybe it'll force me to carry around less crap.

There. I'm sure everyone wanted to know about my new purse.

Then we watched lots of TV and I made scallops and pasta in a peppercorn cream sauce that was interesting. Not my best work.

Restful weekend. Just what I needed.

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