Saturday, November 29, 2003

Went scallop diving yesterday around Sorrento/Portsea on the Mornington Penninsula.

Scott and I brought home two shopping bags full of scallops. We thought this was great until we realized that now we have to shuck them all.

We shucked one bag full last night. Messy, fish-smelly work.
The rest were left in the sink with a bag of ice.

Now Scott's gone to the hospital and left me with the second bag. I think he messed up his throat on purpose!

Yesterday on the dive, something went wrong with Scott's throat. Although it was funny 'cause he sounded like he was on helium, it got progressively more painful. This morning, I looked it up on the Internet and found that it's very possible he has subcutaneous emphysema.

On the bright side, we're supposed to have a scallop dinner party tonight followed by a viewing of David's LoTR: TTT extended version DVD. Sooooo excited!

Can't believe I have to wait almost a whole other MONTH to see RoTK!

Also, got a postcard from my awesome brother, I.W. and my first Christmas card/gift from my mom!

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