Sunday, November 23, 2003

My friend Evelyn just had a baby!

He was born Friday night at 11:30 PM, at home after a rather long labour, but quick delivery. He weighed 8lb, 14oz, was 54 cm tall.

His name is Jude Sybrand te Nyenhuis Buckridan, named after his great-Opa. That's quite an impressive name for such a small human being.


Anonymous said...

Hello, apologies for leaving this so late, congrats from another Buckridan - in London, England! Perhaps we share a Great-Opa (Great Grandpa?) of Indian descent from Trinidad, West Indies. Please leave a post about ancestry, I'd be most interested. Thanks from another of the ever-widening Buckridan clan ;)

Anonymous said...

I am a Buckridan in London My relatives are from Rio claro in trinidad do you happen to Know farid Buckridan he is Brothers with al Beruni and Latif

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy, Steve here. Evelyn sent the comments to me today, thanks. I think they are from one of my cousins in England. Jude is the son of me (Steve)and Grandson to Latif (from Rio Claro, Trinidad). it's amazing the information and connections you can make on the web. I am responding just in case they check back. Evelyn and I saw some of the family at the 50+ Trinidad & Tobago Christmas dinner this past christmas.