Thursday, November 06, 2003

David (work neighbour) says that there are those who would literally worship me because:
a) I'm a girl
b) I like Star Trek and LoTR
c) I'm a Web-nerd and
d) I'm excited about watching Matrix Revolutions

(Incidentally, his verdict: they diverted too much from the sci-fi aspect - which made it unique - and focussed too much on the action. Plus, he SMS'd me that wants me to hurry up and watch it so I can explain parts of it to him.)

Have spent the morning reading ridiculously nerdy emails from my sister and brothers and laughing out loud, missing them madly. Thank god for email.

I am thoroughly jealous that they are all going to meet my sister in Calgary to go snowboarding, hiking and x-country skiing in February, when I will still be here.

I console myself that at least I will be sunning myself possibly in Perth while they are inevitably causing much injury and possibly dying from exposure.

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