Sunday, November 23, 2003

Christmas is definately on the way!

Last night, after work, I wandered over to Southbank, to walk around the casino and shops and in the hotel lobby, there was a giant choir singing Christmas carols on the steps.

Then there was this big sound/light show with all these massive moving decorations.

First the big New Years clock jingled its bells and the mini Santa drove his sleigh around the clock face. Then the fairy dropped from the ceiling and waved her wand to start the carousel. Then the giant snowmen started moving and an elaborate golden egg popped open to show a tiny rotating city snow scene and another to show a workshop. Then a big monkey pulled the power cord and all his mates dropped from the ceiling, playing their drums and cymbals, making a racket and rolling their eyes (quite scary really).

Finally, Santa popped out of the top of the carousel and HoHoHo'd and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Crazy. Then more choir singing.

And I went home to watch The Grinch on TV. Sigh. I love Christmas!

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