Saturday, October 18, 2003

So at least Canada didn't lose horribly.

I mean, sure they lost 68-6 to the All Blacks. But, according to my new Kiwi friends that I met at the game, Canada played with pride and held off New Zealand quite well.

However, Melbourne is on fire with World Cup Fever. It's everywhere. So I'm really glad that I went to a game. It was a great feeling to make some friends there, too.

After we all ended up at the Telstra Dome bar together, chatting, arguing, drinking, Barber invited our new Kiwi friends back to his place for more. So we all staggered back to the apartment and had some lovely Shiraz and crisp bread with butter, cheese and/or Vegemite. We actually made Scott try the Vegemite.

He said pretty much the same as I did: It's not bad but it's not good. Why would you choose to eat that?

I had a lovely conversation with Alvin, one of my Kiwi friends, about yoga. I promised to call him at 9am to get him to come to yoga with us the next morning.

The best part of the night was when Barber tried to "help" me brush my teeth before bed. I nearly peed my pants, I was laughing so hard. I think some toothpaste actually stayed in my mouth. The rest dribbled down my chin and I managed to get some on my nose. Hot.

Drunken nights are the greatest.

This morning I wimped out of yoga class, since we'd gone to bed after 3am and I think I was still drunk. I figured it might not be too good for my balancing postures.

Instead, I slept until 11am, made breakfast (Aussie bacon is so much meatier than American bacon) and went for a walk around the city, up to the Parliament buildings.

And I discovered that Melbourne really is a fashion capital of the world. So many beautiful shops with all different clothes and so many beautiful people wearing so many cool styles.

I just window-shopped since I can't afford anything. Although I need shoes, the shoes that I want are $195. So I decided I'd wait until I shop on Bridge Rd, where all the factory outlets are.

But it was a goreous day for window-shopping. Sunny and 28 degrees. Although the wind was whipping some sort of pollen into my eyes and nose.

Then Barber and I went to the Queen Victoria Markets again for ingredients for my famous pizza.

I had told eveyone last night about this pizza and we'd invited the Kiwis over to sample. So I cooked and we ate and then Barber and I went to a show.

Acrobat is a very cool, edgy circus act. Kind of reminded me a bit of the feel of Moulin Rouge. Dark sets, deadly serious mixed with subtle humour, scratchy old music, sounds of the needle going on and off a record, or of a tape player's "play/stop" buttons being pushed. Then speed metal or some other rough loud crazy music played by the DJ.

The acrobats wore very little, were extremely well muscled and, oh ya, they were also pretty talented. One guy pulled a red kerchief out of his butt. It was a great show.

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