Monday, October 27, 2003

I've had better days.

Still have the flu. Still at work.

Yesterday, though, I did get a ride from my neighbour David to the Royal Botanical Gardens where I had to pick up my shifts for the Melbourne Cup week.

Found out that I have conflicting shifts for Peter Rowland and GE, so I have to sort that out.

I did manage to get a little lost, though, and ended up taking a nice walk, though I was a little too feverish to really enjoy it.

Managed to get back in time just as the store I wanted to shop at was closed. Fantastic.

Then I though, well, why don't I get money, since I owe Scott for the Great Ocean Road trip that I bought at the travel auction last week?

Good idea, except that I forgot my passcode and entered it wrong 3 times! Now I'm locked out of my account for 24 hours. Sigh.

And on top of it all, I can't find the Pilates/Yoga Studio that's supposed to be having an open week of classes this week. Double sigh.

Finally I went home to eat the lamb stew that I'd made the day before and finally appreciated how crunchy brown rice can be, even after cooking it for over an hour.

But at least I found out that my friend Lee sings opera and says she will teach me how to sing. And David gave me chocolate.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is 15-17 degrees and cloudy for the whole week. Damn Melbourne's spring weather.

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