Monday, October 13, 2003

Had my first day of training for the GE Call Centre.

I had no idea that GE was involved in so many things. At home, they're just known for appliances and other consumer products like stoves, refrigerators, shavers and telephones.

But no. That's only a very small component of their business. I'm working in their Consumer Finance section, dealing with credit cards.

Met some great people today. The trainers seem nice AND the training centre is a 8-minute walk from Scott's place. On Friday, however, I start working in the big GE building that's a 25-minute tram ride from Scott's place.

Also got a shift tomorrow night from my catering job. After my call centre training, I have to scoot over to the Peter Rowland's office, drop off all my employment paperwork and then rush over to the Melbourne Museum for the event there at 6pm. Apparently, I'll be working there until midnight. Only to wake up nice and early for my call centre training again on Wednesday morning.

But at least I get to go to yoga tonight. That should calm me down a bit.
And at least I won't have much time to get nervous about my first catering gig.

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