Tuesday, October 07, 2003

My induction went well!

Actually, we had a test and I think I did rather poorly for my standards, but I did pass. Then they taught things like how to hold 3 plates and I already know that from my waitressing in Sydney, so I felt rather cool.

I hope to be working next week!
I don't actually know when or how much I'll work. I send in my availability each week and they give me whatever assignments they want to give me. We'll see how much work that is.

They say that I will absolutely be working on Melbourne Cup weekend (which is like the biggest day in Australia, or at least Victoria).

And, if I weren't going to be at the Canada vs. New Zealand world cup rugby match on the 17th, I could be working at the Motorcycle Grand Prix on Phillip Island, where they would get me accommodation and everything. Sigh.

The people seem really nice, although most of the other inductees were really quite young. I think I was the oldest person there. The Yacht Club and Port Melbourne were really beautiful places to see, though.

Now it's time to figure out yoga classes, the Melbourne International Arts Festival and see some of the sites while I can.

Who's kidding who? I'm going to stay inside and watch and play on the internet. I can't believe I've been deprived for so long...

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