Monday, October 06, 2003

Site Traffic Report

As you may or may not know, I'm using re_invigorate to track my site hits.

I just checked it today for the first time in months. And there are a few things to note:

* Sarah and Sharon are my number 1 referrers (that means that people come to my site via a link from their sites), although I did get referred by someone looking for Kakadu travel horror stories and by someone looking for "cathy". Let's not kid ourselves, folks: that person was looking for porn.

* September was a low traffic month. Only about 80 hits a week. That's due to the fact that GoDaddy software was screwing me with my domain name and my site was down for a while. Then I sent them hate mail and they called my mom to sort it out... AFTER asking me to send my credit card information via email.

* Aside from aberrations, the site has upwards of 100 unique hits per week. Today I've already had 13 unique hits. Thanks for visiting!

* In general, site traffic peaked in May. Either people were REALLY missing me in May, or I was just updating more then

* Not surprisingly, most of my visitors are using IE 5 and 6 to access my site. But Netscape 5 made a showing at 5%. I've also had 19 hits from people using Safari.

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