Sunday, October 12, 2003

Barber and I again ventured to the Queen Victoria Market today to do some real shopping. Right now, the first roast beef I've ever made is in the oven. Smelling a bit odd, I might add...

Barber says I'm in charge of food. So it's a challenge to actually think of what to make and buy everything that I need to make it. It's different than cooking for myself, since I cook one thing a week and otherwise eat toast or cereal or whatever takes my fancy. Now I have to think about someone else's eating needs too. It's a bit more expensive that way. I haven't eaten so much meat since... well, since I was on tour with Adventure Tours, actually. So not that long, really.

Yesterday Scott and I spent the day going from gallery to gallery, checking out the various types of art. One of the most interesting exhibits was called "Orifice" at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art which featured a strange blow-up-toilet-seat-with-velcro-straps contraption which drew attention to your navel. Of course, I put it on and Barber took a photo. I am art.

Then we went for dinner at his co-worker's house. Kelly and Doug are really nice and Doug is an excellent cook. He made us yellow curry with fish and vegetables and then ice cream with cantelope and passionfruit sauce. Outstanding food. Of course, Barber drank too much , we stayed late (3:30am) and we had some fantastic conversation. Fun!

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