Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I am tired.

A little bit delirious, actually.

Last night, after work at GE training, I got my new friend Alojz to guide me to the South Yarra train station (he was going there anyway) and I got to Peter Rowland's head office there, no problem.

Then Alojz had directed me on how to get to my catering job at the Melbourne Museum. Although it all sounded easy, I still managed to get a little mixed up. But I asked lots of questions and managed to go the right way and get there JUST on time.

It was a Matrix-themed event put on by Citibank and it was likely the coolest event I've ever been to. We had to wear sunnies (shades) the whole time. Everyone wore black, even the guests. The event coordinators wore the long black leather coats.

I served drinks, topped up wine and champagne, cleared glasses.

Then a phone started ringing.
Trinity and Neo (or their look-alikes, at least) bounded down the escalator, across the foyer and into the telephone booth set up there.

Soon after, the twins decended the escalator ominously. All four bounded into the dining room, followed by the rest of the guests.

We served dinner to the Asian Credit Card Sales Team, although my job was just to ensure that everyone's glasses were full.

There was entertainment... Mr. Smith appeared on stage - all 10 of him. They performed a tap dance. Then there was a choreographed dance/fight scene with Neo, Trinity and the Twins, complete with acrobatics. Very cool.

Yummy food, lots of drink, good music.
It was hot hard work. My arms are dead weight at my sides. But it was fun and I met some great people.

I got home just after midnight and was in bed by 1am.
Today, I'm making flowcharts on how to verify a credit card application from someone who lives in Canberra. Oh the endless excitement of my life...

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