Monday, May 12, 2003

Today I went to work and discovered that I don't actually work today. Duh. I work tomorrow instead. Ooops.

On the up-side, Simon did give me a free flat white and sweet (I'm a sucker for sweets) to eat while I read one of the papers. Which, on its own made me happy to have made the mistake. It also got me up and out of bed early so that I was able to do my groceries and a few errands before starting out on my daily tourism trek at noon.

I went to Bondi Beach and did the walk to Bronte Beach.

It was gorgeous. I'm SO glad that I went. It's a short walk, and I could have done the longer walk to Coogee, as I would like to do before I leave. But I just dawdled and got distracted and kept stopping to read, to write, to nap. I only got to Bronte at 3pm. And stopped in the "Bogey Hole Cafe" for a banana smoothie. I was hopelessly fascinated by the surfers and boogie-boarders for another long while, watching one guy break his board and get REALLY angry about it.

I think I'd like to try it. Maybe someday I should actually wear a BATHING SUIT to the beach. (Only problem: it's not that warm.)

By 4pm it was getting cold as the sun started its descent.
And now, at 10pm, it's raining. And the forecast is calling for it to continue for the rest of the week. Sigh.

However, how happy am I that I didn't have to work and was able to go to the beach on the ONLY sunny day of the week!? YAY!

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