Saturday, May 10, 2003

I served two Kiwis who actually thought that I was French Canadian! The guy said my accent was a lot sweeter than an American accent. OK, I was flattered. It's the first nice thing that anyone's said about my accent. I'm under no illusions that I've got anything CLOSE to a sexy accent. So it was nice to think for just a moment that I actually have a "sweet" accent.

But, actually, I think everyone's favourite pastime here is making fun of Americans. At every opportunity.

Have I mentioned that I like my job at Melograno? My boss, Simon, is a sweetheart. He runs a good cafe. And he says I my eyes always look happy. (I've never pretended that I wasn't a sucker for a compliment.)

And when I'm off at 1:30pm, I can still get down to Darling Harbour and Chinatown while the sun is shining. Sometimes life is good. Especially when you know that you're going to see X-Men tonight! Hello Hugh!

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