Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Today I walked to/from Glebe, another suburb of Sydney, for training at another location of The Coffee Roaster. Yesterday I worked at their Alexandria (Green Square Stn) location. I got a bag of freshly roasted and ground Ethiopian coffee to try out here at home in our MokaPot. They would like me to try all of their varieties, eventually... well, twist my arm!

So, Kate and I tried it this morning. YUM! The coffee is so good that I don't need sugar in it at all. I am FULL of good coffee brewing tips. That I just MIGHT divulge if you stay tuned.

I also was able to bring home a bag full of left-over bagels, pastries and muffins (both today and yesterday). It would be good if I wouldn't eat the ENTIRE bag myself...

Tomorrow afternoon I work in the Surry Hills location.

And tonight was Pilates night at the gym. Not AS good as yoga, but it'll do.

Finally, my friend Alesha is back in Sydney! YAY! Just as I was getting bored! And got an odd email from Al about his trip to England where everyone was convinced he was infected with the SARS virus. Thank GOD for the stupid media.

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