Sunday, May 18, 2003

Even earlier last night, at the gym, I was reading SHE magazine. I was reading the article "How to be Happy". Well, thank God someone finally figured THAT one out! The search is over, we can all retire.

So what you need to do is just make a list of the following things and set out to achieve them. And send the list to me.

1. two things to do every day to inspire myself
2. two people I want to meet this year
3. two things I want to learn
4. two things I want to finish
5. two things I want to start
6. two material things I want in my lifetime
7. two books I want to read
8. two places I want to go
10. two things I want to eliminate from my life

My list:
- walk through a park
- read while I drink my tea (it's amazing the things you can learn; this morning, I learned about the brain, yesterday about the Aussie Student Loan system)

- someone interesting from an exotic place
- someone who inspires me

3. Finding it hard to narrow it down, but this year...
- scuba diving
- surfing

- this trip
- the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

- a professional web site
- loving and believing myself

- a house
- a wedding ring (OK, that's cheating, I want my soul mate attached to that, please)

- tales of a female nomad
- The High King

- The Great Barrier Reef
- Fraser Island

- caring so much what others expect from me or think about me
- fear of failure (or my ridiculous notion of what constitutes failure)

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