Sunday, May 18, 2003

I apologize for the peanut butter posting last night. I was a little drunk. But I finished off my container of peanut butter, so there should be no further outbursts on that front.

In other news...
Earlier in the night, on my way out to the Scottish girls night out, I walked through the path under Central Station, where all the buskers showcase their talent. There were two young guys asking everyone who walked by who inspired them as a kid.

I overheard them saying, "Wow, we've got one for Michael Jackson, one Madonna..." and then they asked me. "Who did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? Who inspired you?"

I only thought a split second before answering. "My mom."

Raised eyebrows. Slack jaws. "Wow. That's sweet."

Ya, it's sweet. I don't know if I realized I was inspired by my mom as a kid. I only know now that she has totally affected the way I am. The way I always strive to do/achieve more. And now I see or hear about the things she does (learning to roller blade at 50, running charity marathons, charming the pants off everyone, being the life of every party and successful in her professional life) and I just hope that I will be that active, that cool when I'm a mom.

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