Friday, May 23, 2003

Last night was the karaoke competition at the Bondi Hotel.

I went with Alesha and my English friends, Leanne and Kev. A couple really great voices were there, competing for the $100 prize. You could tell who follows these competitions around, collecting prize money. It was just like the Duets movie. Except no one pulled out a gun.

I didn't do a song, mostly because I'm shy of big crowds and I'm a horrible singer. But also because I was sick and my throat really hurts. But Leanne and her housemates did "Respect" and the one girl rapped the whole thing. Some liked the gangsta-twist on it and gave her respect afterwards. Some laughed, but it was better than the girl troupe who had their own personal horrible dancer. Everyone laughed at that. Sadly, she thought she was really good.

I'm supposed to go out to Bondi again tonight, but I'm quite sick. Flu. Again. I'm really popular with the flu virus these days, it seems. At least I have tomorrow off to enjoy my illness.

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