Monday, January 02, 2012

2011: The year in review

cupcake clock
Cupcake clock at our NYE party
Oh, how time flies.

I could have sworn that I did nothing this year, but upon reflection, I guess there were a few things:
  • I got a new boss, a new title and two new employees
  • I launched four major projects: The MaRS refresh, MaRS Mobile, Mod Media Makers and the MaRS Commons. A bunch of smaller ones, and another major one ready to launch this month.
  • The bathroom renovation was completed (a 3-week project that turned into 6 months)
  • We fixed the heating duct that leads up to the bathroom and guest room. By "we" of course I mean my family
  • Renovated the master bedroom, moving the closet from one wall to another, changing the layout entirely, finding out the exterior bricks were "melting" and that we had rotten wood and mould. Replaced it all before putting in insulation, drywall, painting, flooring, trimwork and baseboards.
  • Put in hardwood flooring throughout the upstairs and painted most of it up there too.
  • Re-pointed the bricks on the exterior of the house. And replaced the upstairs window sills.
  • I made my friend a new website. It's not yet launched but it's ready to go.
  • I started working on my brain. There was something wrong with it, so I decided to get help. I'm so glad I did. I'm not saying I'm a star pupil, but I'm making progress. Part of that is my "grateful" list.
  • Got a cat.
  • I figured out what was wrong with my voice. First reported as a nodule, I now have a tentative diagnosis of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis. My first surgery (and biopsy to confirm the diagnosis) for this non-curable disease is April 10th.
  • I also found out that I have reflux (GERD) which exacerbates my RRP. Two medical mysteries "solved".
  • I started working on my back again. Physio and needles, exercise and stretches. I'm improving.
  • I travelled. Belize, Niagara, New York, Chicago and St. Maarten.
Field Museum, Chicago. Sometimes I have fun.
I found I made a list two years ago and ~gasp~ made it public. So what from my 2010 list have I accomplished?
  • I got married. It was pretty awesome. But I guess it was going to happen, regardless of what effort I put into it after I paid for it and invited people. Still, I loved it.
  • Renovated the second floor of the house. Done. Well, except for some minor patching and painting.
  • Be more active. I don't think I did this. I mean, I still ride my bike to and from work and errands and such. I even did some pleasure rides to the beach this year. But no skiing. No hikes, really. Does renovating count? Bottom line: I was somewhat active. Just not more active.
  • Cook more. Yep. Thai, Indian, Mexican, slow cooker madness. Not very healthy, but homemade.
  • Allergies - I still have em, but what I thought was allergies is actually two other diseases altogether.
  • Cleaning. Somewhat related to the renovations, but I had a moment before I went to my parents' house for the holidays when I sat on my window seat, looking at the house, all cleaned up, and thought, "I love this house."
And what do I have in mind for this year?
  • I really would like to be more active. But what does that mean? Keep bike-commuting, but I'd like to also do a day-long bike trip. A hike or two. And a ski vacation!
  • Volunteer. I've been teaching literacy to the same guy for years. I think I need a change. Maybe a new student, new location, a new position in the organization or even a different organization or cause. I really would like to get involved in some type of environmental cause. But I'm really really picky about my causes. Maybe this year I'll just research to find the right one.
  • Finish the cosmetics on the house. Paint the exterior. Finish painting inside. Art. Upholster that chair and paint the sidetable. Maybe make that headboard I've been wanting.
  • After two windows are installed in January, reinforcing a floor joist is the final structural change to the house.
  •  Fix my website. It's crap and it's a bad reflection on me as a professional.
  • Continue to work on my brain. Because I am capable of serenity. I can change my outlook. I can remember every day that my life is amazing and blessed.

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