Friday, January 27, 2012


For years I've listened to folks singing the praises of their mobile phones.

At worst, I thought them a slave to their jobs, the always-on culture of work and even forced social connectivity, sacrificing the experience of life. At best I thought them a slave to new technology, buying into the consumerist culture of new, more, better, different.

And here I sit, writing my blog on the streetcar as a thought occurs to me, as inspiration strikes.

The inspiration? I love my mobile phone.

Just a few moments ago, as I stood waiting for the streetcar, my phone told me I had a meeting coming up in 10 minutes. I emailed a colleague that I was going to be late. I knew this as I had checked Where's My Streetcar? to see when my ride might arrive. It wasn't going to be soon. Now, instead of panicking or feeling guilt-ridden about wasting a colleague's time, I was able to thoughtfully let them know that I was thinking about them; that our meeting was important to me, even though I would be late.

I enjoyed my morning ride in all the more for it.

I can still read my book on the TTC. But I could decide that a professional development article was more important to catch up on. Or send that email I'd forgotten the night before. Or find out what my friends are up to on Facebook and Twitter. Or I could blog. Unless I want to look up where to go for dinner or if there are any travel deals I can jump on or book my weekend car rental.

I'll admit it. It's the future. And my life is actually the better for it.

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