Monday, January 16, 2012

Who needs a website? I do! I do! Me too, please!

Last weeked, I visited my friend Anita so I could meet her new baby. She's the one who took the photos at my wedding like the one here (I mean Anita, not the baby).

I'm also working on her new photography website for

It's going to be a WordPress site, thank goddess, because frankly that makes it easier for everyone. She gets to update her site without worrying that she's going to wreck something. I get to help her strategize, then set her up with a site and a plan and not think about it again until she decides she's ready to do something new.

Now, we're talking about getting her yet another site for another project she's working on selling baby/toddler accessories. Fun!

Right now, we're looking at responsive WordPress themes -- and ones that have a store-component to them. I'm actually really excited about it because it's fun to do a site end-to-end these days. Yes, I know I don't have a lot of time. But it just feels like it's a project I could have fun with. If it were a small project. Very small.

Ultimately, I do want to spend some time this year on my own site, so I've also been doing research very slowly into what I want to do about it.

I suspect that I will going to a WordPress site as well. And redesigning when I do that. And changing hosts when I do it because my current hosting doesn't deal well with WordPress. So clearly that is at least a half an hour of work coming my way ;)

Ah, but sometimes one just needs to sit on their butt and type on the computer. I mean, just because I do that all day, every day doesn't mean I get enough of it. More butt-sitting! More clicking and typing! Less exercise and fresh air - who needs it?

Ahem. I know. It's a balance. I'm practicing being excited about something and not putting pressure on myself to achieve it right away. I will enjoy the journey.

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