Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me and my cycle

I started riding my bike this weekend.

I hadn't ridden all winter and my legs were a little rusty at first. So rusty, I wiped out on my way home from a friend's place at 1am. I'm sure the wine didn't help.

But today, we were back in the saddle. Just like old times, in my skirt and boots. Flying past the cars inching across the city. The wind on my cheeks and through my hair.

I didn't have to squish in beside the man in the steetcar who refuses to remove his backpack. In fact, I probably passed them on my two wheels.

Sadly, the moderate spring weather will turn back to angry winter with some snow tonight and my solace in cycling will be short-lived. But soon, very soon, that snow will melt.

And out will come that skirt and fancy-free wheelin'.

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