Friday, March 18, 2011

Project "Too Much!"

Against my better judgment, we're about to embark on yet another renovation project: the master bedroom.

We moved the bed so that Gordon can get out his side. Now you can't fit on EITHER side of the bed. Super annoying. Plus, the closet is too deep by five inches. I know, I can't believe I said that either. But it does take up five extra inches for something that we can't actually use. (Plus we can hear our neighbours having sex and we'd like to do something about that, so we will while we're renovating. I digress...)

First up is our existing set-up. As you can see, the path around the bed is extra squishy.

Below is what I call Option B.

The closet is moved to another wall, but it kind of covers over the window. On the plus side, there are two dressers to either side of the bed, giving us bedside storage. And lots of space to walk.

Next, is Option A.

This option has the largest closet option. (And it will most drown out all the things we don't want to hear from next door.) Now, in this one, I've taken the liberty of place a dressing table in the room, but it could just be two dressers. And instead of bedside storage, we can have a shelf in our headboard and/or storage under the bed.

Now you get to tell me what you think. Got another idea that's even better? Let me know.

Oh, and if you wanna do a free room plan, head over to - totally awesome and easy.

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