Tuesday, May 22, 2007

YAY meds! And other happy endings

For once, Advil is actually working for me. Oooh, the joy!

My long weekend was a little marred by having a headache. I thought it was a migraine, and took my medication, but it just made it worse. BOO!

But this morning, I was pretty close to not making it into work, my head hurt so much. But I swallowed some Advil, which never works for me, and BAM! I'm actually feeling better.

At some point, it would be great if someone could figure out why I get so many headaches and make them GO AWAY. Seriously, it gets ridiculous. I always seem to have headaches whenever I go on vacation or get stressed or don't eat or drink enough or drink too much (alcohol) or get too much sun or my sleep patterns get messed up or I change my caffeine intake or my hormones spike or valley. Really, pretty much anything. It starts to get a bit depressing.

As long as I have medication that works, it's OK. I can continue on with life. I hate it when stupid headaches get in the way of life. Of having fun. Although they do make me a little cranky no matter what I try.

But I figured that I already had a headache, so it would be OK to drink a lot of wine at dinner at the Old Towne Restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Sunday. A full bottle of the Cave Springs off-dry reisling. Mm! The escargot were also very good. Not much to say about our mains, though. Very uninteresting. In fact, Alex's scallops had KETCHUP on them. Seriously. Ketchup.

We left the restaurant a little late, but we managed to change from our shopping/walking clothes (did I mention that I bought new running shoes at the Nike outlet? I did - they are so awesome comfy) and get to the Shaw Festival Theatre just in time for the curtain to go up on Mack and Maybel, a cute musical that was recommended. It was cute and I just love theatre anyway.

But there was no time for the cycling wine tour that I'd been hoping to do. No worries, because the next day after checking out, and on our way to Ball's Falls, we passed the Henry of Pelham estate and stopped for some tastings. Bought one bottle there. And picked up the wine route map and charted the rest of our scenic tour to the falls to go past a couple favourite wineries: Flat Rock and Cave Springs.

We were so surprised by how CUTE Jordan, Ontario is. Seriously cute!
Sadly, we were too late for the falls at this point, having tasted wines and bought lots of our favourites to stock up. Cave Springs definitely won for our favourite wines and location, but the Flat Rock tour and information was fantastic!

So back to reality now.
Back to work for me after dropping off our cute PT Cruiser convertible (only $48 for the whole weekend!). And back to work for Alex, who left for London last night.

When's the next long weekend?
I can't wait!

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