Saturday, May 26, 2007

Real friends

Real friends
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Real friends make you feel better when you're feeling like crap.

Not by telling you what to do to fix it, not by wallowing with you. They do it just by being THEM. Their everyday interesting self. And listening when you need it. And moving on when you really need to move on.

And suddenly all else is forgotten.

Because there are TimTams from England. And tea. And home improvement magazines. And music.

Because now, you have Perspective.

You will be OK, because you will always have THEM. A relationship that just works. You will be OK, no matter what. Because you can always come and look at their clothes, talk about travelling and gossip about that guy who just talked to us on the street.

There's nothing better. Why would I need anything else? The rest is just decoration.

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Anonymous said...

it warms my heart to know you have such good friends
Friends & Family are THE most important things in Life. For me sometimes the 2 are the same. Lucky me.