Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have a microwave

Are you ready for this?

I have a microwave in my kitchen again. An over the range microwave.

Look at it. It's sexy.

And Alex did it. We took out the fan and the cupboard over the stove. Cut the cupboard in half. Reinstalled it. Installed the microwave, connecting the air duct and putting in an electrical outlet.

Alex is feeling like a real man right now. Very macho.

Next stop: new backsplash tile!


Anonymous said...

i always thought alex had a little machismo in him, burried deep within...

Anonymous said...

oooh, appliance installation.. works better than Barry White and chianti..

Anonymous said...

P.S. that was Tree

Unknown said...

You should see what's happened since he got out the hammer and chisel.

Backsplash tile: GONE!

Left is a gaping hole until we can get a new window installed. In a month. Yep. Good planning.

My hero. :)