Thursday, May 10, 2007

Biking my way to... something good, anyway

I've been thoroughly enjoying the weather for the past couple of days. Nice enough to bike to work in regular clothes - and not dripping sweat by the time I get there.

However, there are times when I dread getting on the bike.

Late at night is a bit of a crap shoot -- there's less traffic and it's cooler, but it may be too cold, people may have trouble seeing you and you have to watch which neighbourhoods you're going through. Rush hour and downtown in general also sucks. Who knows what kind of tailpipe air I'm breathing? Jerky drivers will sooner drive over top of me than let me go on my merry way. And sometimes, especially at night, I'm just not interested in hoofing it home.

Still the benefits outweigh all the nasty stuff.

I know how long it will take me to get anywhere, because there really aren't any delays for a bike. I can feel good about not polluting the air. I save money: no TTC fares, no rising gas costs, parking or insurance (btw, did you hear the ridiculous argument on the radio this morning that the gov't should be controlling the cost of gas? Seriously, sometimes I wonder if people have a brain. You're paying that much for gas because you CAN. Because the market supports it. Why why why would the gov't subsidize something that is actually bad for society? Suck it up - elsewhere in the world they pay much more than we do).

Last night, though, I would have given anything to stay in the cosy downtown hotel that my boyfriend had through work. He was loading in a show overnight and with that comes a room at a fantastic hotel not far from where I work. Comfy pillows and high quality sheets, the perfect mattress and a bathtub I don't have to clean? Does it get more perfect?

And what happened? At 9pm he made me go home.
I still don't know why. He is a boy - apparently that explains it. (Yes, I should get over it, but NO, I'm still not over it.)

So at 11pm I was still wide awake, heart pumping, after my ride home. Only to ride back downtown early, early this morning to go to the passport office -- a 5 minute walk from the hotel!

The good news is that you get faster service at the passport office if you've filled out the passport documents online. YAY!

So by the end of this month, I will have a shiny new passport... and no where to go. Instead, I will hop on my bike every morning and think of all the exotic places in the world where others are riding their bikes to work, happily without a passport or even the means to travel further.

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Raye said...

Ummmm ... he made you go home? You had a chance for a night of comfy luxury and he made you go home? Tell him to give his head a shake - nothing explains that!