Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alex and I at Niagara Falls

Alex and I at Niagara Falls
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Alex and I jumped in our ragtop PT Cruiser rental yesterday morning and (after heading to Starbucks, bien sur) took off for The Falls.

Top down, of course.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday and thankfully, the highway to Niagara was busy, so we could enjoy the convertible without hurting ourselves. Eventually, though, Alex found an alternative, more scenic route for us using his PDA. Sometimes that thing is awesome.

So we drove some interesting back routes to Niagara Falls.

We arrived at our Hotwire-booked hotel only to find out that I had somehow booked dates in June. And not just mixing up the month, but, like, a totally different weekend. WEIRD.

The hotel was pretty good about it, letting us use the Hotwire $ towards THIS weekend. But it means that the "good deal" I found on Hotwire was useless. We paid full price anyway. BOO!

Oh well, lesson learned, I will pay more attention to dates when booking on Hotwire because there are no cancellations or changes possible. At least the hotel gave us free parking -- I couldn't believe that they normally CHARGE for it, but whatever.

We went for a nice walk along the falls. Checked out a few nice gardens. Paid a silly $2 each to go up this incline railway. Just to avoid walking up a hill. Whatever -- it was super touristy.

Alex wanted to check out the new casino at the top, so we did. He headed for the craps table -- apparently, he knows how to play. He puts down $10 (the minimum bet) and within 25 minutes, he walks away with $160. Pretty good return.

That paid for dinner at Tony Roma's (yummy yummy ribs). As well as the new shirt and vest that we bought at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet. Alex FINALLY let me go shopping with him. And the outfit is super nice, so I'm hoping he'll let me shop with him more often. I'm hoping to go back today to get to the Nike outlet and get myself some much-needed running shoes.

I've been up since 9am. I got ready and went over to Starbucks just down the street and wrote in my journal for about an hour. I love that. I remember loving that more than anything else during my adventure in Aus/NZ. Anyway, Starbucks on the strip is more expensive than anywhere else, sadly. And there was a simple guy named Joe in there -- a regular, it seems -- and he was very excited. Couldn't stop screaming "oh my GOD!" every few minutes.

Back at the hotel at 11am, Alex is still not awake.

I got him up, of course. We can't stay here all day! So while he showers for the next 1/2 hour, I'm uploading yesterday's photos and blogging and listening to

Today's plan is to go for some breakfast, head to the Nike outlet. Then it's off to Niagara on the Lake. Maybe do a short cycling wine tour, if it's not raining. At 8pm tonight, we have tickets for the Shaw festival. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm taking a cute dress with me and I'm excited about dressing up and having a nice night.

Maybe after we get back to our hotel here in Niagara Falls we'll go to another casino to give Alex the chance to win our hotel stay... or maybe we shouldn't press our luck...

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