Monday, April 16, 2007

Stupid microwave, stupid stores

So, of course my microwave decides to break on the weekend.

My family is over, helping me with home improvements and pfft! There it goes.

Sadly, it's not the microwave's fault. I've had it since I was in university, so I really can't blame it for just shutting down for no apparent reason. In electronics years, it's about two hundred years old. I guess it was time.

But then I thought I'd like to get a replacement microwave. I decide it's time to get that over-the-range model that I've been eyeing as a space-saving measure for my cute little kitchen.

So off I go to Home Depot. Did you know that Home Depot only carries stainless steel models of any appliance in stock? And floor models, especially the one that's perfect for you, are usually discontinued and come without all of their parts or the instruction manual. The next shipment? In a month.

OK, so off I go to peruse the other stores. Did you know that no one keeps anything in stock? They all told me to go home and shop online. How silly I was to think that I would be able to take one home TODAY?!

Silly Cathy.

So turn to my computer and shop. Find what I want at Sears. Decide, YES, I can get a car on the weekend to pick that up. Rent the car. Order the appliance... and they finally tell me the earliest I can get it is the end of May.


So now what do I do? Is there anywhere on the planet that actually sells over the range microwaves that I can take home today or even next weekend?

Or do I order and wait for the day when they decide they can let me take one home?

Was it always this way? Have I just become part of the "Now Generation," impatient for my needs to be fulfilled? Or is it reasonable that I could expect to have a microwave in my hands in the near future?

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