Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

Watching some kids out the window - they're on their roller blades.

I'm thinking that's where I'd like to be. On my way to Starbucks on my rollerblades. Or in my shoes, really. I'm not that picky.

But I'm waiting for my brother to show up. He said he'd be here already, so I don't want to start anything or go anywhere.

I managed to get a lot of laundry done this morning which was good because my laundry facilities could be out of service for some time after this weekend.

The plan is to clean up the laundry room so that I don't have to hate doing down there so much.

Other items to accomplish if time:
- put back up closet shelf in master bedroom
- put up ceiling fan in master bdrm
- fix plumbing/pipe issue in bsmt bathroom
- make white curtains
- hopefully some recommendations on what to do with my dying plants
- bsmt shelves

We'll see how far we get. Today, in order to clean up the laundry room tomorrow with the rest of the family, I'll probably just take off the laundry room door and move the machines out of the way. And then wait for the festivities to begin.

I'm a little bored right now and hating TV. I'm itching to DO something - get out of the house.

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