Monday, April 09, 2007

blueberry pie

What does it mean when you eat an entire half of a homemade blueberry pie within 24 hours?

I'll tell ya: it means that you love your mom's blueberry pie.

My counsellor is big on thinking that everything means something about your sub-conscious, and so I thought maybe it meant that I was trying to fill a void in my emotional life. ~grins~ I love making fun of my counsellor and self-help in general. But the problem is that they're mostly right.


So, reading my book this morning (a gift from Raye) I'm reading about loving myself. All of myself. Every part. Basically workshipping myself. Closing my eyes when I eat, because it's like an offering to myself.

And you know, I don't think that I closed my eyes when I ate that blueberry pie.

So, tonight, when I meet Sarah at Starbucks and drink my London Fog, I am going to close my eyes. Enjoy my offering to myself.

I'm salivating now.

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