Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Got home last night, late again, and ate my dinner of turkey soup in a quiet, dark house while watching my little piece of personal decadance: House.

OK, yes, I still love House. And yes, I know it's basically the same show every time.

But what I'm liking right now is the sexual chemistry between Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron. I love that I don't even really know their first names. I like that they're not huggy/kissy. There's a distance there between them, a restraint, which makes the tender moments all that much more titillating.

Just a simple shot of him touching her wrist by the coffee machine is enough.

No, I don't particularly love the characters themselves. I'm not dying over his accent nor attracted to his blonde, blue-eyed boy look.

I just think the story works. It's a good break from the in-your-face sex of every other show.


Raye said...

The actors who play Chase & Cameron are engaged in "real life" so that may explain the chemistry. And if you want to see a different look for Jesse Spencer - he played the romantic lead in the movie "Uptown Girls" and was quite cute.

Anonymous said...

i still love crotchety old house best House. Dirty old bugger.