Monday, April 30, 2007

Good things

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The second best thing happened to me today: free Starbucks London Fog.

It was for a meeting, though, so it meant I couldn't just close my eyes and enjoy. I had to concentrate. Plus, it wasn't the most well-made London Fog I've had.

The best thing happened yesterday. On the sunny Sunday in Oshawa with my boyfriend: free Starbucks for all!

First: did you know that they have drive thru Starbucks? Well, they do. In Oshawa. And I thought I would never use one.

Well, there I was in our rental car in Oshawa, ordering through my window. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Driving up to the window and ordering again. Then my payment wouldn't go through.

And so? Free Starbucks! Yay!

It was a really good day. My boyfriend was really nice and I talked to his mom a lot and it was just nice. And today he went to Mexico. Sad. I don't often miss peopel when they're gone for a short time -- the independence in me, I guess. But I think that, this time, I might actually miss him already.

Although I would settle for more London Fogs...

PS: third best thing that happened: Sarah found me chocolate brown 400 thread count percale queen sized sheets for the master bedroom at Winners for cheap! And put them on hold for me. She is a good person. And I'm going to have new yummy sheets!

PSS: fourth best thing that happened: I went to a wine tasting event at work for free and found a fantastic reisling from Stratus. And there was yummy sheep's milk cheese on tasty bread with tomato-pear sauce and walnuts. Taste sensation! And then I got a free cab ride home! I am a lucky girl. I think I've used up all my "good things" karma for a long time.


Sara Desjardins said...

Wow!! Good day for you for sure!! That's awesome :D Very cool about the sheets - I know how hard they are to find at a good price :)


Unknown said...

I was wrong - I thought my lucky streak wouldn't last... turns out that I got ANOTHER free Starbucks today.

And I forgot to mention that I found a free token in the subway yesterday.

I am a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Man, I wonder if a drive-through Starbucks would work in Tokyo? We did however get our first Krispy Kreme. But the line is about 2 hours. A good day nonetheless.

You however, are a lucky girl.

Your Man in Japan, dave