Sunday, July 03, 2005

Stratford is such a gorgeous town.

Alex and I were looking at real estate prices there and they were seriously cheap. I mean, a big red-brick house with a separate garage in town going for $170 000? It makes you wonder what's WRONG with the place.

It's so quiet there. No tall buildings. Some cute shops and restaurants. The necessities like Canadian Tire on the outskirts. Tree-lined streets filled with gorgeous houses with well-kept gardens. Theatre.
What could be more perfect?

It was a good day, although I suppose I was a little disappointed by the play itself. It was good, but I think I expected better, after reading the review. And, since I can get cheap tickets, I was going to buy another set for an 8pm show of something interesting. But sadly, Alex wasn't up to it. Which is strange because he LOVES theatre. Instead, we went to see Batman Begins. It is an excellant movie, but just not exactly what I'd had in mind for my Stratford weekend.

I am not very good at pressing for what *I* want if I think someone else doesn't want it. I really need to be more selfish. In the end, what I do doesn't benefit ANYONE.

At least I got to wander around the shops and drink AMAZING coffee at Balzac's, which I discovered also has a location in the Distillery District in Toronto. I'm totally going to seek it out. It was some of the best coffee I've had in Canada.

And we watched the Stratford Canada Day Parade, which was not the BEST parade I've ever seen.

But I guess once you've seen the Alliston Potato Festival Parade, everything else is a let-down.

And we spent some time together in the sunshine and managed to keep it a pretty inexpenive trip!

I think I'd like to go back next weekend. Any takers?


@lex said...

I'm a bad boyfriend.

Unknown said...

Does that mean you want to go to Stratford again?