Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I totally love Boston, even when I'm just there on business.

We flew in last night, staying at a ratty Howard Johnson near Fenway (not recommended), only to wake up early for a meeting with our client.

I suppose the meeting went better than I expected, although there's a lot of work ahead of me. No surprise, I suppose.

We discovered a really great eco-transportation service (totally recommended) that uses hybrid vehicles. I wish they had this service in Toronto!

And we ate a pretty good restuarant for lunch, Stephanie's. I had a very satisfying cup of clam chowder and an amazing seared-tuna salad. Mmm!

Of course, Air Canada then delayed our flight, so I sat in the airport writing up meeting notes and then had a very interesting conversation with the Account Director about my professional life. I love conversations with genuinely smart people. They're quite inspiring.

And now I'm back in the over-heated city, over-tired and a bit lonely.

* * *

Dear Raye: I like you. Thanks for the talk!

Sometimes, I just really need to talk.

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