Thursday, July 28, 2005

I had such a nice birthday dinner with Jessica tonight.

She came over to see my apartment - she was my first guest when I hadn't even moved in fully yet. It looks so much better now. I was proud! We went out to have a look at my outdoor pool and I finally got a tag for it - only $2! Now I can go out for a leisurely swim on those hot days that JUST left Toronto. (I have great timing.)

We went for a walk down to Davisville station and then I walked back up Mount Pleasant. I really do love where I live. It is perfect.

Jess gave me a good idea for how to decorate my last remaining bare wall. I want to take close-up photos of nature - very colourful ones - frame them as 4x6 and put a line of them across the upper 1/4 of the wall. It's gonna be COOL!

But that's after I manage to get a couple of other things crossed off my to-do list.

One of which is getting my bad-self to Jacob to buy a dress for my friend Tan's wedding. Apparently they are having a big sale. Yay for me!

Another to-do is eating brownies and ice cream before I go to bed.

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