Saturday, July 30, 2005

Oi. Birthday parties.

Good to see all the wonderful amazing people. Good to chat (although didn't get to spend NEARLY enough time with some people). Great food. Cute cards. Funny pictures.


I love the Rivoli.
I don't like pretentious clubs.
I do like to dance.

I don't like hangovers.


Anonymous said...

good to see you had a great night out, hope the memories last longer than the hangover

Anonymous said...

ah the memories. the rivoli was fun but what was with the painted ladies at that club? weird. glad i wasnt the only one feeling the pain the next day

Anonymous said...

wish i could've stayed longer. i had a long week with late nights and needed some chill out time. we should definitely hit a dance floor (with good music) sometimei soon.

Sam said...

I just started blogging. and discovered that when you enter your favorite movie you can look up other people who share that interest.

Very cool.