Friday, June 11, 2004

Raye has put together a totally well-written list of Top Ten Movies.

While I might not agree with them all (I mean, The Sound of Music is good, but not Top Ten in my book), but I respect her ability to put it out there unabashedly (even with the caveats).

So, I'm going to try a list...

  1. The Mission - anything that can make me cry that hard for that long, even after seeing it 5 times...
  2. The Lord of the Rings (FoTR or TTT, not sure... does that make it 2 entries?) - I was sad when they ended, angry that I had to wait a whole YEAR to see the next one
  3. Moulin Rouge - see my references to Ewan; what a gorgeous movie
  4. The Breakfast Club - ultimate teen flick; I can recite all the words. ("Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?" "Don't mess with the bull, young man; you'll get the horns.")
  5. Snatch - or Lock Stock 'n' 2 Smoking Barrels, but equally wicked cool
  6. Ghandi - my inspiration
  7. Matrix - the first one, of course, and I loved the special effects
  8. Ocean's Eleven - total eye candy and so smooth
  9. Dogma or Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back - probably the latter
  10. Memento - so clever it hurt my brain. And Guy Pierce.

OK, these might change as I get comments. Stay tuned...


sarah said...

my only problem with your list is the lack of french new wave films. le samourai is one of my all time favouries with alain delon as the cool contract killer. this is only topped my my other french new wave fave - breathless (a bout de souffle) goddard's first feature, a film that launched a genre. it also featured my second favourite french actor jean paul belmondo. sigh.

oh and i vote for lock stock over snatch. much better film.

Unknown said...

Let it be known that Sarah is a Serious Movie Buff and did her thesis on movies. She is just slightly more cultured in her movie tastes. I know. I'm ghetto.

Unknown said...

Note that my mom WANTED to post, but decided that it was too much work to post a comment.

From Mom:
"I love Breakfast Club (CLASSIC) & Lord OT Rings series as top choices BUT, having been raised in the geek family of all time, what were you thinking NOT including all the Star trek films & Star war films. I personally would include the Harry Potter films & Batman & Superman series too."

sarah said...

yes yes, a buff of movies i am. that doesnt mean i dont appreciate a good teen flick. i love sixteen candles more than any other movie. so there! too many movies not enough time to watch. sigh.

Unknown said...

sixteen candles!!
Sarah, my image of you is blown!

I got a note from Jaap asking why The Godfather wasn't on my list. I told him that I didn't consider yawn-a-thons as a favourite...