Friday, June 11, 2004

Raye has put together a totally well-written list of Top Ten Movies.

While I might not agree with them all (I mean, The Sound of Music is good, but not Top Ten in my book), but I respect her ability to put it out there unabashedly (even with the caveats).

So, I'm going to try a list...

  1. The Mission - anything that can make me cry that hard for that long, even after seeing it 5 times...
  2. The Lord of the Rings (FoTR or TTT, not sure... does that make it 2 entries?) - I was sad when they ended, angry that I had to wait a whole YEAR to see the next one
  3. Moulin Rouge - see my references to Ewan; what a gorgeous movie
  4. The Breakfast Club - ultimate teen flick; I can recite all the words. ("Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?" "Don't mess with the bull, young man; you'll get the horns.")
  5. Snatch - or Lock Stock 'n' 2 Smoking Barrels, but equally wicked cool
  6. Ghandi - my inspiration
  7. Matrix - the first one, of course, and I loved the special effects
  8. Ocean's Eleven - total eye candy and so smooth
  9. Dogma or Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back - probably the latter
  10. Memento - so clever it hurt my brain. And Guy Pierce.

OK, these might change as I get comments. Stay tuned...


Unknown said...

Let it be known that Sarah is a Serious Movie Buff and did her thesis on movies. She is just slightly more cultured in her movie tastes. I know. I'm ghetto.

Unknown said...

Note that my mom WANTED to post, but decided that it was too much work to post a comment.

From Mom:
"I love Breakfast Club (CLASSIC) & Lord OT Rings series as top choices BUT, having been raised in the geek family of all time, what were you thinking NOT including all the Star trek films & Star war films. I personally would include the Harry Potter films & Batman & Superman series too."

Unknown said...

sixteen candles!!
Sarah, my image of you is blown!

I got a note from Jaap asking why The Godfather wasn't on my list. I told him that I didn't consider yawn-a-thons as a favourite...