Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Last night was the first night of my new and improved Active Lifestyle.

I have a week pass at the GoodLife gym across the street from my work. Turns out it's a women-only club. Interesting. Never been to one of THOSE before...

It was quiet and clean and relaxed and there was no door on the changeroom. Weird. Takes some getting used to.

I had my orientation and then they wanted to show me how to use all the equipment, because OF COURSE I've never used WEIGHTS before. For goddessakes, the girl who was doing my session said that I could teach HER some lessons in form!

But I did manage to work out after that and generally work up a sweat only to stand out in the pouring rain, waiting for the #25 bus to take me to Don Mills Station. I was a Sad Cathy.

And today, I brought my workout clothes to work just in case it rained. But no! It was sunny, so I met Jess and we went roller blading around my neighborhood. It was excellent! I mean, don't get me wrong -- I SUCK -- but it was fun and I only wiped out once and that was on a nice soft patch of grass.

An hour (or so?) later and Jess was back on the subway on her way home and I was walking to Canadian Tire to run errands. What a gorgeous night. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect. I do love where I live. It's quite beautiful.


Anyway, tomorrow is volleyball and I think my back might be amenable to playing this time. YAY! I mean, WOW, will my team be happy to have ME back on the court. I don't know HOW they've been managing without me!

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