Monday, June 14, 2004

Had a lovely weekend. Went to celebrate Alex's nieces' birthday, then out with him and Brian and Sharon and Rhonda. Got a bit drunk, which I regretted for the rest of the weekend to the tune of four $20-migraine tablets.

Then relaxed at home. I love home.

And now back to the crazy crazy life of me.

Had a visit with my orthodontist this morning. He's such a nice guy. If anyone wants a referral, just let me know.

And now I'm off to have drinks with Anita and somehow get home in time to do laundry.

... which I'd meant to do last night, but of course the laundry room was full and then I went out to dinner with Will and Lisa at a seafood restaurant that pretended to serve me Thai pan-fried sea scallops. More like crap-fried sea turds. At least the calamari was good.

Seroiusly, stop talking to me, I have to go meet Anita...

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