Thursday, June 10, 2004

Last night I went and watched my beach volleyball team slaughter the competition yet again. We rule!

Of course, we probably wouldn't have won if I hadn't shown up to lend moral support... I mean, a team can only do so much on its own, right?

I couldn't play due to a broken back, but at least I got to watch the other team play (we're called "What Court Are We On?" and "What Court Are We On Next?" pretty slick, huh?).

But the best part was when we all went to the pub for dinner and socializing and mused about how, even though the rest of the world all seems to be getting married, buying houses and popping out children, we're still all still wedding-less, and then made plans to go out dancing on Friday.

Then Brian told me that I needed to be a little more scandalous on my blog, so as to entertain him in his sad, empty life. So I'm gonna hafta try harder. I usually keep the most scandalous stuff to myself, not wanting to embarass anyone, nor give anyone ammunition to use against me in the future. Although I should probably add to some people's profile that they love drama, I might add to my own that I do not. I wish I could pour my heart out on the internet and maybe someday I will, but in my world, some things remain private...

I mean, how else am I supposed to carry on 3 hot love affairs at a time?

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